Our company is set up in Lithuania at the address Sėlių g. 3A, Vilnius. The principle areas of the Company’s activity are the repair of electrical and electronic components in various areas of industry and energy. We continuously expand our activities both in Lithuania and beyond its borders and look for new partners. We set ambitious goals and put every effort to reach them.  We keep an eye on the changes in the market so as to be the first to see new potentials. We have a new and promising team and continuously endeavour to attract the most talented workers; we provide our staff with opportunities to improve their skills and enhance their proficiency. We commit to pursue the best results.

In 2013, the Company was awarded a certificate The Strongest in Lithuania which shows that the company has a high solvency rate. Solely  4% of all companies operating in Lithuania have such solvency rate. In 2014, the Company put in place quality, management and environmental protection systems.  The Company was certified by Bureu Veritas and was awarded certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001.

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