Installation of bird flight guides with the help of robotic equipment

Just over 100 years old, humans and birds see the sky carved in wires. In Lithuania, 50 years ago, wires were stretched to every village, as much as one homestead.
Important measures for birds and their protection have been installed in these places – specially made pendants are hung on the wires, which makes the wires more visible, various devices protect the birds from possible short-circuiting of wires, and special nesting places are created for hawks.
In order to reduce bird deaths, specially designed bird flight deflectors are installed on high lines.
Our company offers a service, the installation of these bird flight deflectors with a special device that installs the reflectors exactly to the desired distance, and it is also light and does not affect the surface of the wires.


Paukščių skrydžio nukreipėjų montavimas


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